The Website for Se7en Enthusiasts

This is an enthusiast site, which aims to provide an inclusive information source for Colin Chapman's original Lotus 7 "4 wheeled motorcycle", and the wide variety of cars that have been developed around the world based on that concept

Whether you already own a 'Se7en', are thinking of owning one, or are just interested in cars, I hope that you will find this website informative and entertaining.

One of the most commonly repeated questions I get when I drive around in my own Birkin S3, is "What the heck is that?". For a historical perspective on that question, go to the history page.

There are an amazing number of different versions of the 'Se7en'. The Manufacturers page lists as many versions of the car as I can locate. Some are still in current production. Others are long gone.

There are also plenty of owners clubs and online forums, whether international, national or local, to cater to people afflicted with the addiction known as'seven-itis'. The clubs page lists as many of these as I can locate.

I have gathered photos of the various types of Seven-inspired cars in the Photo Gallery, and compiled a list of useful weblinks (parts suppliers, clubs, owner websites etc.) on the Useful Links page.